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Stand Up or Sit Down Party Menu Ideas

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Stand Up or Sit Down Party Menu Ideas.

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Stand Up or Sit Down Party Menu Ideas . If you are having a sit down dinner party the menu will be drastically different than if you are having a stand up cocktail type of party.

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When trying to think of party menu ideas keep in mind food that needs a knife and fork to eat properly isn’t going to be very popular at a cocktail party. For cocktail parties the best kind of foods are finger foods and this could include:

Mini or cut up quesadillas
Chicken wings
Mini Burgers
French-fries either regular potatoes or sweet potatoes
Cheese and crackers
Antipasto trays
Cantaloupe balls wrapped in Prosciutto
Mini pizzas
Small Skewers of food like:
Anything that can be enjoyed without oil or sauce dripping all over your guests and floor

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For a sit down dinner party some party menu ideas would include:

An Amuse-Buche

Each served with a matching wine.

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Stand Up or Sit Down Party Menu Ideas The real difference between the two is that you can mix and match a cocktail party’s food selection by offering foods from different parts of the globe, while a sit down dinner party has a menu with a food theme running through it. A good example of this would be a specific food like shrimp, or food from a specific region like the Mediterranean.


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